Brace yourself, the Cosplay Contest is Coming!

In the coming months, we’ll be calling for you to present your best Jon Snow, Daenerys, White Walker, or any character from the world of A Song of Ice and Fire at the Con of Thrones 2019 Cosplay Contest.

We’ll be announcing our judges, as well as the contest prizes, early next year when we open for submissions, and we want you to be able to begin thinking about just how much Worbla you’re going to need.

With all that in mind - here are the rules for Con of Thrones 2019!


If you decide to compete, you’ll be able to sign up as:

Amateur: cosplayer has made five or fewer costumes or hasn't won any major awards. The cosplay can be presented with one or two models.

Professional: cosplayer has made more than five costumes and/or has won a major award, and/or demonstrated advanced techniques. The cosplay can be presented with one or two models

Group: any cosplay presentation that includes three or more models.

If you just want to show your handiwork to the fandom but not compete, you can walk in the cosplay parade without entering the contest.


  • Prefabricated, store-bought costumes cannot compete. Costumes must have been made by the contestant. Though a portion of the costume may be from purchased goods or commissioned work, more than 75% should be constructed by the wearer, their friends, or their family.

  • If you have mobility concerns or if your costume is elaborate in some way that makes a handler necessary during the onstage parade and contest, please include a request for assistance in your entry form. Friends, family, etc. are not allowed backstage with adult contestants without advance permission.

  • Costumes must conform with the Con of Thrones Code of Conduct and the rules of The Music City Center.

  • Visible Con of Thrones badges will not be required on stage, but should otherwise be worn at all times.

  • If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume design. No electrical outlets will be available.

  • We have no limit on the size of costumes or props, but Con of Thrones reserves the right to deny contestants with costumes that pose a risk to convention attendees, personnel, or property.