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We are looking for a select number of knowledgeable attendees to present on their favorite subjects from the Seven Kingdoms and beyond at Con of Thrones. And if accepted, you receive a free day pass!

Do you have a presentation, paper, panel, or workshop on a subject related to Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice and Fire? Do you have a particular theory about who Azor Ahai could be, a presentation on dragon lore, or an in-depth character study of Theon Greyjoy? We welcome all kinds of proposals from informal discussions to formal academic presentations.


If you have a burning desire to share your ideas and research, this is the place to tell us about it so we can help you make it happen!


Please note that panels will be limited to 60 minutes other than in extraordinary circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific format I have to follow?
Does it have to be a panel?


Not at all! We welcome panels of all kinds, and you should create the program you want to run. Your program can be a panel, a roundtable, a lecture, a meetup, a singalong, or whatever you envision! Just make sure you specify what you’d like to create in your application (i.e. “I’d like to moderate a panel of four people…”)


Helpful hints: a panel consists of 3–5 people with a moderator who leads a discussion, and is often followed by a Q&A session with the audience; a roundtable consists of 4+ people discussing a topic amongst themselves as an audience listens and sometimes chimes in; a lecture consists of one or two people speaking to an audience.


Can I create a panel with an announced celebrity?


Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate celebrity guests on fan-submitted programming.


My presentation works best as a powerpoint. Will I have access to a projector?


Con of Thrones will work with all accepted submissions to schedule content into appropriate rooms. Not every room will have a projector, however, so we cannot guarantee equipment access for all submissions. Most programming rooms will have a basic audio package, including microphones.


What if I’m not registered for Con of Thrones?


Con of Thrones presenters will be given a complimentary day pass for the day of their programming. If you have already purchased a registration, our team will be in touch to adjust your registration following acceptance notices.


How long are sessions at Con of Thrones?

Most Con of Thrones sessions are 60 minutes long. If you need more than 60 minutes for your session, please indicate this in your proposal. We cannot guarantee these requests will be accommodated.


How many people can be on a session?

Our stages can comfortably accommodate up to six presenters. If you’d like to have a session with more than six presenters, please email directly.



What A/V equipment will I have access to?

All programming rooms will have a basic sound system Select rooms will also have display screens. If you know you will want a screen for your session, please include that request in your proposal. We cannot guarantee the availability of screens. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptops for the presentation.

What if my session requires a piano, live animals, a dance floor, a white board, a fog machine, etc?

For all needs beyond microphones, audio speakers, and a projector, please email We will do our best to accommodate your request within venue regulations.

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